About me

I was born in the South of Sudan, but brought up and studied around East Africa, all the moving allowed me to appreciate different cultures plus languages and cultivated in me the love of travel .Although it also on the negative, took away from me the ability to feel the same pain my countrymen were feeling at the time of war of which, i experienced through reliving these through story telling sessions by my colleagues who had been through it all, the pain, shame , suffering of witnessing murders, rapes and starvation.

I strongly detest women violence, & rape.


COLLEGE lifed rape, i believe women should be handed the choice to decide to either Abort or not although preferably plan wisely before letting it happen.


However much people are with or against Homosexuality i think that at the end of the day, they are human beings and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

I truly appreciate beauty and art, enjoy some international politics and scandals, i go extreme and love to try outrageous stuff every once in a while.

Music almost dictates my lifestyle, I may not be a religious fanatic but i believe in miracles.

4 responses to “About me

    • its my hobby to see beautiful images, might think of taking some myself when the opprotunity arises
      thanks for feeding my hobby. cheers.

  1. Brillant piece of art Manoah! I have gone through your blog. Very impressive! I am currently in Juba though from Kenya. Looking forward to partner or support South Sudanese with ideas and guidance where necessary. Keep up the great works the future is brighter.
    Feel free to get in touch!
    God bless

    • Hey, sorry haven’t been able to blog for quite a while now i think you noticed
      embarrasingly. otherwise, thanks for stopping by and viewing it.
      God bless and cheers.

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