Ghost of my past

A ghost because all it was, was an imagination of the worst  I could go through as kid under the hands of a disciplinarian.

I f you may remember someone out of your past that Imagescared the living daylights out of you with the mere mention of their name…

That person for me was my uncle; he practically had the look of a hawk, the memory of an elephant and the precision of a Swiss watch  J .

He wanted the best out of anything; he was beyond smart in both mind and dress code. He exhumed admiration out of the most stoned of heart.

He was my father figure, I believed everything he said, I took every word he said seriously, and his advice to me was priceless.

He had the most commanding voice of all I knew and when he spoke once and you never reacted, he would spank the stubbornness out of your deaf butt. An expression that we use to mean, that you have been seating on your ears.

I remember a time when I was giggling while everyone asked me to pray during a children’s birthday party, I was sheepishly hesitating and all he had to do was to look at me threateningly and command and say – “Pray.” And I bowed my head down and began to rumble on to God about sweets, the hungry and our sins.

Fifteen years later in the prime of my youth and I spoke to him this morning, we laughed about a lot of things and he reminded me about my childhood.

I found it effortless to speak to him openly and I wondered why in the past I reacted to him the way I did, and now I know it’s because it’s the past. Leave it at that no point trying to dig up and find out why what was and how it could have been.




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