Sudanese Cairenes in flavored celebration style

If you ever met a Sudanese, then you will most probably know that they take their celebrations seriously.With the spirit of togetherness and oneness and whatever other ness there is, coupled with that tendency by them to have even a newly met stranger invited to their weddings , feasts or even just lunch etc. they redefine hospitality.

 They dress like they mean it, eat like they mean it , dance like they mean it, all in all ,celebrate like they mean it! makes it all the worth while doesn’t it?

Well you see, with the independence day  of South Sudan coming up, we got a lot to celebrate, the umbilical cord between we and the North of Sudan has got to be split , we will still be a part of it in the “biological” sense just not the same person anymore ;with a total personality change with a few similarities and more freedom to choose the direction of our destiny.

All around Cairo , the talk is spreading like wild fires, people are stitching African kitenges* , new hair dos , changing even their language and perception of the future. No worries its bright!

Saloons are booked, schedules are tight freed for that day, parties are gearing up and flights are being fully booked.

The time is drawing near and the long-awaited time has finally come with barely a whisper or thought of no looking back no more. Celebration is the main theme this weekend and there will be loads of festivities to tune this joyous occasion,

There is pressure to learn the newly composed national anthem and therefore several choirs have taken this up as their own personal duty, voices pouring out of windows and the like.

Even the Egyptian tailor i asked to stitch me a suit knew what it was for before i told him the deadline, talk about being informed!!

During a recent prayer session to grieve a relative passed on, as the ladies during the recess time we could call it, our aunties* were talking about the several ways they would call in the dawning of the new country;

‘ i will open up my  window .scream into the air , ululate and throw sweets out my window into the street’ said one

‘i will pray, dance and sing till morning’ said another

‘i will ……………………..umm, no idea’ says another’ but i will

with lots of cackles and wishes for the new nation, it was a variety of emotions mostly good optimistic ones.

Hopefully when the day comes and those bells ring out there will be more than an occasion but a change in itself of the sought after freedom that the Southerners have forever been yearning and truly deserve.

So dance, sing, praise the living God, have a new hairdo whatever makes you happy it’s called celebrating!

 aunties* = out of respect any women or ladies older in age we call aunty not necessarily related

Kitenge* = itenges (plural vitenge in Swahili; zitenge in Tonga) serve as an inexpensive, informal piece of clothing that is often decorated with a huge variety of colors, patterns and even political slogans.


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