Lump forming in my throat, building from a display of

Male aggression in the heat of a moment so intense

Arising out of his ruling groins over his brains

He batters, stumps and inflicts pain

His unsuspecting prey, who once thought him a friend

A smile exchanged, comfort in the eyes that once

So many times provided a solace from the world

Now cold, terrifying like a beast seeking a meal

So humiliating , the flesh underneath him wiggles in a

Mixture of shame , filth, sweat , dirt and musk of his

Pungent male odour, tears rolling down her burning

Face, so heated with emotions, struggling to break free

Beckoning a release from this emotional  prison of doom

sentenced to a lifetime of pain, regret, solitude, shame!

It has been done, by a man who  uses his muscles

To seek pleasure by wounding her pride, womanhood

And take away her sanity and  last living shred of innocence.


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