power of music – i speak to myself

Its that strong , through music i have loved, hated , made friends, destroyed friendships, broken relationships and strengthened others.

A Carnatic musician based in Chennai wrote “Music has the power to cause emotions to well up within us. These feelings are gripping – often irresistible – and seem to emerge from nowhere. These feelings colour our moods, affect our perceptions and generate a behavioural pattern. The indisputable fact about music is its power to evoke emotions. Is there anyone, for whom, music is completely emotional – neutral? Music has the ability to inevitably tap the still, mysterious deep well of our emotions.”

God knew what he was doing when he made a choir of angels like image of him in all sense of the word even our audio appreciates ,whether be it nature, birds singing , brooks wading over rocks, or man made music, all in all it speaks to the heart.
No wonder the devil does what he is doing by using some really useless music is causing disturbances and hate crimes, rebuke.

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