Hello world!


Love to write, not perfect at it but i should try, very new to the world of blogging and this is one of my new years’ resolutions

to actually start and maintain a blog for as long as i can.

The world has much to offer, all we have to do is open our arms wide and receive the receivable and discard that which we do not need.

So i come to you with arms open wide and hope to be received with the love and appreciation, if well deserved that is!

With all the different experiences that i have encountered and the ones i plan to dive into in future, i have been blessed to know many kinds of people and that makes life interesting and i always look forward to the worthwhile moments i experience in the different societies i live in to witness the co-existence of personalities.

We all stem from the same roots. Taking in each others differences, will open up our minds to something greater.

We may fear what we know not, but as we begin to understand all that it has to offer ; good and bad, then we will begin to

embrace it in a way that allows to comprehend what needs to be done in a mysterious situation!

Imagine if you met an alien!! Yes that extra-terrestrial being that we are still arguing about of its existence prior to our civilization or not likely existing, what would you do?

My answer; be a scientist ‘minus the surgical tools of course!’ and try the social approach, let them know your ulterior motive, be nice and offer them a chance to be understood, no rush, unless they are planning on attacking you!


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